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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Did you see the new face lift that Michelle (the3amteacher) gave my blog?  It is so child-centered and FUN!  It makes me feel good just to look at it, and I hope it makes you happy as well!!  My friend Vanessa ( suggested Michelle, and I can trust Vanessa when it comes to techie expertise.  Michelle was able to get to the heart (my passion) and art (my experience) to create a design that totally reflects me.  Thank you!  Thank you!  (Now, if she could only give my real face a lift!!)

You've got to check out the teaching resources, technology tips, clip art, and how Michelle 
fuses technology with her creativity at the Michelle is amazing and incredibly talented - and she's soooo NICE!

Okeedookee, I’ve already accomplished one of my goals for the New Year.  If I were in charge of the world, these are ten other resolutions I would make for my classroom in 2014.

  1. Start every day by singing and moving.
  2. Look into each child’s eyes and give them a handshake.
  3. Read a good book every day and let it be.  Don’t dissect the book by asking about the author, problem, or resolution.  Relax, read, and enjoy with your students.
  4. Send a note (or email) to a different parent each day reminding them how great their child is.
  5. Say something nice or do a small favor for a colleague.
  6. Have free time (aka recess) outside every day.
  7. Provide a time or assignment where children can work with a friend.
  8. Learn a poem each week.  Practice reading and saying the poem each day.  (More details about that on January 5th.)
  9. Do something special every Friday afternoon.  Get together with other classes on your grade level and sing and dance.  Have a poetry cafĂ© where you drink hot chocolate and read and recite poems.  How about game time where children bring board games from home and play?
  10. End each day by singing a song and asking students what they liked best or learned.  Tell them something they can look forward to the next day.

The best things in life are FREE, and everything on my list is free and simple.  What 
goals would you set if you were in charge of the world?