Thursday, December 19, 2013


Here are some perfect party games for young children that can be adapted for any season or theme.  For example, instead of pinning the nose on Rudolph you could put the carrot nose on the snowman.  Instead of using sweet treats you could give out pencil erasers or tickets.  (Kids love tickets even if they are not good for anything!)  Let's get this party started!

Pass the Parcel
This is actually a game a student from England taught me.  Thus, “parcel” instead of “present.”  My students LOVED this!  Fill a box with sugarless bubblegum, pencils, small toys, or stickers.  There should be enough for everyone in the group.  Next, wrap the present over and over again with wrapping paper, tissue paper, or funny pages from the newspaper.   Children sit in a circle and begin passing the “parcel” around as music is played.  When the music stops that child gets to open one layer on the package.  (If the package lands on someone who has already had a turn they pass it on to the person sitting next to them.)  Continue the game until the gift is reached.  That child then passes out the goodies to the rest of the group.
Hide and Hunt
Children love to hunt for things, so if the weather is nice you can hide jingle bells, snowballs (cotton balls), chocolate gold coins, small toys, etc. on the playground for the children to find. 
*Divide the class in half.  Let one group hide the objects for the others to find and then reverse roles.  

Magic Number
Fill a clear jar or container with candy, cotton balls, or jingle bells.  The person who guesses the closest amount is the winner.
Pin the Nose on Rudolph
Draw a reindeer on a poster or chalk board.  Cut out red circles and have each child write her name on a circle.  Put tape on the back of each circle.  One at a time, blindfold each child and spin them around gently three times.  Face them towards the reindeer and challenge them to put the nose on Rudolph.  Who can get the closest?

Puzzle Pairs
Take old greeting cards and cut them in half like a puzzle.  Give each child one half.  Have them close their eyes while the other half is hidden in the room.  Children tiptoe around the room until they find their matching puzzle piece and sit down.

Pantomime and Name That Tune
Children love to perform, so they always enjoy playing “Guess who I am?” with seasonal objects or toys.  They can also take turns humming seasonal songs for their friends to identify.

Word Games
Write a seasonal word on the board.  How many words can they create using the letters in the seasonal word?
Hint!  Pair children for this activity to enable all children to feel successful.

Holiday Four Corners
You will need four seasonal pictures to tape in each corner of the classroom.  For example, a snowman, bell, candy cane, and candle.  One child is “it.”  “It” hides her eyes and counts to ten as the rest of the class tiptoes to a corner.  “It” then calls out one of the objects.  The students in that corner are out and must sit in the “stew pot” (center of the room).  “It” counts to ten again as the students tiptoe to a new corner.  The game continues until one child is left.  That child becomes the new “it.”