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Friday, December 13, 2013


My friend Sharon MacDonald sent me this cartoon recently.  I know it’s Friday the 13th, but Pooh reminds us that every day is a blessing and every day should be our favorite day. 

Janice Vinci emailed me five powerful words:
She added that we were lucky to be in a profession where there is so much JOY!
I know your children are loud and wound up this time of year, but put on your rose colored glasses today and pretend you are a grandparent and they are all the greatest gift in the world!

Here’s a simple song to sing to the tune of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”
Let's all do a little ringing.  (Pretend to ring bells.)
Let's all do a little ringing.
Let's all do a little ringing to spread holiday cheer.

Let's all do a little clapping...
Let's all do a little dancing...
(Let children suggest other movements.)

Let's all do a little smiling.  (Lower your voice as you sing the last verse.)
Let's all do a little smiling.
Let's all do a little smiling it's the best time of year!

Last week a teacher in Florida taught us a game called “Mingle.”  Children walk around the room softly saying, “mingle, mingle.”  When the teacher calls out a number they have to make a group with that amount.  The “remainders” go to the front of the room and they have to cluck like chickens.  Continue “mingling” and calling out different numbers.  When I was at the North Carolina Kindergarten Conference Tuesday I changed the game and we said, “jingle, jingle.”  The teachers thought it was great and I bet your children will as well. 

Dean Williams taught us another great game called “Count the Bells.”  You’ll need a clear jar and jingle bells.  Count to ten as you drop 10 bells in the jar.  The children listen and count as you drop additional bells in the jar.  How many are there in all?  Let children demonstrate how many using two ten frames and cubes.

I love jingle bells as did the little boy in POLAR EXPRESS and the little girl in WONDERFUL LIFE.  When I was in the classroom I would tie jingle bells to the children’s shoes this time of year and they were delighted.  Hmm!  I think I’ll tie some to my own shoes before I go to my exercise class today!  You’re never too big or too old to hear the bells!

Jingle all the way and make it your favorite day!