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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Liz Blek always has the most useful information in the National Kindergarten Alliance Newsletter.  If you’re not a member, you really need to check it out because they work tirelessly (and freely) advocating best practices for young children.  Go to for more information and to view past newsletters.

The foundations below were listed in the recent NKA Newsletter.  I know you don’t have time today, but save this information for when you get bored over your winter break.  Think of some place you’d like to visit this summer (like Charleston, SC) and then check out one of these opportunities.  Somebody’s going to get the money, so it might as well be you!

Abington Foundation
Achelis and Bodman Foundations
The American Honda Foundation
Bernard and Audre Rapoport Foundation
Best Buy Children’s Program
Bridgestone Firestone Trust Fund
Build-A-Bear Foundation
Burger King McLamoreFoundation
Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust
Class Wish
Cooper Family Foundation
Corning Incorporated Foundation
Dominion Educational Partnership Grants
Edison International
Education Research Competition Grants
Entergy Charitable Foundation
ExxonMobil Community
G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation
Hall Family Foundation
Heckscher Foundation for Children
Hewlett Foundation
Kinder Morgan Foundation
Limeades for Learning
Reiman Foundation
7-Eleven Grants
Target Early Childhood Reading Grants
Target Foundation
Teacher's Pet
The Wallace Foundation

The College of Charleston Early Childhood Summit theme this year is “Common Core and MORE!”  It will be held June 19 & 20, 2014.  I wish I had a magic wand so I could wave it and you could all visit my beautiful city.  Sometimes wishes come true, so I’ll hope one of the foundations above will grant my wish for you!  Here’s our website so you can learn more about this year’s conference: