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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Florida is all over the Common Core with creative ways to make the skills go down.  If you’ve never been to the (Florida Council for Reading Research) website, it’s the BEST for activities that align with the standards.  The teachers at the Florida Kindergarten Conference also taught me a few new math tricks last week.

Tens and Ones (Ginger McCormick)
(Cadence – Children repeat each line.)
I don’t know but I’ve been told.  (Repeat)
Tens are tall and ones are small.
First you count up all the tens.
Then add the ones to the end.

*Pick students to be tens and stand tall.
Pick students to be ones and sit criss-cross in front of the tens.
Count the tall students by tens.
Count the students sitting on the floor by one.
What’s the number?
Hands Up Addition (Cheri Buescher)
Cut hands out of construction paper and glue down the palms.  Bend the fingers on each hand to make sets. 
*Use for addition, more/less, etc.

Measurement  (Angela Berthiaume)
Give each child 5 connecting cubes.  They can walk around the room and compare objects to their cube train using the words “longer” and “shorter.”  But, they must use a whisper voice and only use the words “longer” and “shorter.”  If they talk, they must sit down.

Mingle  (Nancy Kulp)
Children walk around the room whispering “mingle,” “mingle.”  The teacher calls out a number and the children have to form groups of that amount.  The remainders go to the front of the room.
*Let the remainders cluck like chickens!
*This time of year you could change the word to “jingle.”

Elf Surprise!  (Highlands Florida K Team)
Let an elf leave a snowflake from toothpicks.  (Bend 5 toothpicks as shown and put the points toward the center.)  Turn it into a star by putting a drop of water in the middle.

I’ve got more ideas from Florida to share on tomorrow’s blog!