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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


So, what have I been up to recently?  I have done six free concerts in Charleston County Schools this week.  My heart is full of JOY!  Lucky me to get to sing and dance with those little kiddles!  I'd rather be around children than grown ups any day!   One teacher said she told her children that Dr. Jean was coming, and a little boy said, "You mean out of the CD player?"

Have you ever heard, “I wish I were where I was when I wanted to be where I am now”?   Some of you are probably wishing that you were retired like me.  The funny thing is that my friend Sharon MacDonald (also retired) and I were talking about how we’d love to be back in the classroom this week.  The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it?  Well, just for the day, cherish the moment!  

Here's a finger play I'd almost forgotten about.  It's as old as me (that's pretty old), but the children still enjoyed it.
Santa Finger Play
Here's the chimney.  (Tuck in thumb and make a fist around it.)
Here's the top.            (Place other palm on top of the fist.)
Open the lid                (Lift up palm)
Out Santa will pop!    (Stick up thumb.)