Saturday, July 12, 2014


Ring around a rhyme, 
Today if you have time.
Say these.
Make these.
We all love rhymes!

There are some great websites where you can download free nursery rhyme graphics. If you make these this summer you’ll be able to use them all year long to reinforce phonological awareness and oral language. Nursery rhymes all have simple characters and plots and are the perfect springboard for introducing story elements (setting, problem, solution, etc.).

Puppets – Attach characters to sticks or straws and children. Children can choose a character and say the rhyme (individually or with the class). 
Flannel Board – Run off graphics using milk filter paper. Use these to say rhymes or to put pictures together in sequential order.

*I ordered the milk filters online and I got 100 for under $20. You can also buy them at a farm supply store. They come in big circles, so you just have to trim them to be 8 ½” by 11” so they will feed in your copy machine. I have had more fun with my filters making characters from books, pictures of famous people from the newspaper, school helpers, photographs of children, etc.

For your surfing pleasure today check out nursery rhymes at these sites: