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Monday, July 14, 2014


Home again, 
Home again, 
Jiggity jig!

I sang and danced across the country last week, and I met the most wonderful teachers! They filled my heart with JOY and I loved them all! I really, really did! I wish my brain could have remembered all their great ideas.

Library Pocket (Mrs. Johnson, Brighton, CO)
Seal an envelope and then cut it in half. Cut down about 1” on each side and then fold down to make a library pocket. It’s just right for holding notes, flash cards, reward tickets, etc. 

A-B-C Rap (Angie Harvey)
As you sing “Happy Birthday Letters” fist pump sign language.
         Yo, A, it’s your birthday. (Fist in air.)
         Let’s all read like your birthday.
         /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ (Make sign language A.)
         /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/

Rekenrek App
We were making a rekenrek out of fun foam, and someone reminded me of the free “number rack” app.

Candy Cane Book
Save this idea for next December. (I couldn’t find a candy cane, so you’ll have to use your imagination!) Cut two sheets of paper in half. Now, fold in half. Make two hole punches about 1 ½” from each end. Insert a rubber band in one hole and then slide one end of the candy cane through the loop. Insert the other end of the rubber band through the other hole and slide the other end of the candy cane through that loop. Relate this activity to a seasonal book and then let the children write original stories. You can also use the candy cane to track words, find letters, etc. What a “sweet” memory!

Introductory Rap
Tracy Osborn wrote this rap to introduce me at the Texas School Ready Conference last week.
Dr. Jean is finally here,
You’re in for a treat.
Get out of your seat
And stand on your feet.
She’s know for her cheers
Entertaining for years
Writing books and CD’s
Full of cre-a-tivity.
If you’ are a teacher
We’ve been waiting for you.
If you are an admin
We’re glad you’re here, too.
Whatever you do
We’re glad to see you.
We’ve been waiting for you
At the In-sti-tute.
At the In-sti-tute.

Thank you, Tracy! That was the best and most creative introduction I ever had!