Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Seriously, it’s Christmas on my website today. You can download the “I CAN” Center Cards I told you about yesterday, as well over 80 ideas for centers that reinforce Reading Literature and Reading Foundations standards. You’ll also want to download the free song. It’s called “School Cheer” and it’s a take off on “Father Abraham.” There is a pause at the beginning of the song so you can insert your school’s name. It’s a good song to get rid of wiggles, help the children relax, and build a sense of community. 

School Cheer
It’s going to be a great year!
Let’s get started with a cheer!
This song is really cool.
Just fill in the name of your school.

(Name of school) School has many friends.
There are many friends at (name of school).
I am one of them,
And so are you.
So let’s all give a cheer.
Right arm. (Begin moving right arm up and down.)

Continue adding left arm…right foot…left foot…nod your head.
End by singing, “Turn around and sit down.”

Thank Kristine Gough for the ppt to go with the song!

Hello, Friends!
It would be easy to make a class book to go along with the song. Title the book “Hello, Friends!” On each page glue a photo of a different child with “Hello, child’s name!” at the top. Read over the book each morning to start your day, and then let one child take it home each evening to share with their families.