Monday, July 21, 2014


Oops! Yesterday I gave you the wrong link for my Back to School webinar. Here is the correct link. Hope to see you this Thursday!

You know you're going to have a great year if you plant these "good seeds" in children!

I Am Special
(Tune: “Where Is Thumbkin?”)
I am special.
I am special.
Take a look.
You will see.
You will see.
Someone very special.
Someone very special.
And it’s me!
And it’s me!

*Place a hand mirror in the bottom of a small box and put the lid on top. Explain to the children that the most wonderful thing in the whole world is in the box. “It’s so special there’s only one like it in the world!” Watch children’s smiles as they open the box and see their faces!

What Are You?

Start each day by asking children to repeat this saying from "The Help" in unison.
Teacher says:           What are you?
Children respond:     I am kind.
                               I am smart.
                               I am important.

Looking through My Window
(Tune: “Go in and out My Window”)
I’m looking through my window.
I’m looking through my window.
I’m looking through my window,
And I see my friend (child’s name).

*Take an old picture frame and spray paint it gold or silver. Glue on “jewels” or
glitter. Hold it in front of your face as you sing the song. Pass it to different
children as you use their name in the song.

Important Person
(Tune: “Lassie and Laddie”)
Child’s name is important, important, important.
Child’s name is important to you and to me.
At work and at play
He/she does his/her best each day.
Child’s name is important to you and to me.
*Choose one child at a time and hold them in your lap as you sing the song.

Hand Hug
The children hold hands and form a circle. The teacher begins the hand hug by squeezing the child’s hand on her right as she says something positive about them. That child then squeezes the hand of the person on her right and makes a positive comment. Continue going around the circle giving a “hand hug” and a positive comment.