Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Cathy Green is an enthusiastic teacher from Pensacola that I met in New Orleans several weeks ago.  She shared this great idea for a family project to make a scientist’s lab coat that you might want to put on your “to do” list for the upcoming school year.  The children could wear these coats when you do science or you could build on the “scientist of the week” idea with this activity.  (I’ll do a repeat of the “scientist of the week” blog tomorrow.)  Involving parents, getting children excited about science, recording science experiments – it’s all GOOD!
Family Project:  Make a Scientist’s Lab Coat

Before school began I asked that each of you send in a plain white pillowcase with your child’s name on it.  In this bag you should find that pillowcase and a permanent black marker.  If you did not receive one in this bag, you either did not send one in or you sent one in without a name on it.  Please send me a note if you think your child’s pillowcase is one of the ones at school without a name and I will send it to you tomorrow.  If you did not yet get one, you will need one for this project.  (It needs to be brand new.)
Please use the pillowcase to make a scientist’s lab coat for your child.  Use the pattern below or come up with your own design to make the pillowcase look like a lab coat.  Make sure to put your child’s name on the front.  Please return the lab coat and the permanent marker by ____.  Thanks for your help with this project!
*Cut on the dotted lines.
*Draw with a permanent marker(s) to write the name and create designs.
*Have fun!!!