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Friday, January 10, 2020


Some of you are probably days away from the 100th day of school, while some of you won't get there for weeks. One thing for sure is that sooner or later you'll want these ideas to celebrate this special day.

100 Day Book
Fold 5 sheets of paper in half.  Punch holes about 1 1/2" from the top and the bottom on the fold.  String 10 beads on a wooden skewer.  (I bought the thinnest ones I could find and cut them to 8"). Insert a rubber band (long and thin) in one hole and slide one end of the skewer through the loop.  Insert the other end of the rubber band through the other hole and slide the other end of the skewer through that loop as shown.  Children can make a set of ten on each page with markers, stamps, words, etc.

*Use 5 red beads and 5 white beads similar to rekenrek and challenge children to make different combinations of ten in their book.

$100 Book 
Make a copy of $100 bill.  (You can find several to choose from online.)  Cut paper the size of the bill and staple it to make a book. Let children draw pictures or write stories of what they would do if they had $100.

*Children can draw their face or use a real photo for these books.

Cover Up
Make 2 copies of a 100 grid.  (You can download these online.)  Cut up one set and put the numbers in a zip bag.  Children can play this game by themselves or with a partner.  Give them a 3 minute timer and challenge them to cover up as many spaces as they can in the time limit.  Have them record the amount and try to beat their score each time they play.

Hint!  Adapt this game for younger children by giving them a grid with 10 or 25 spaces.

*Use the grid to practice writing numbers.  
*Use the grid for graphing or for making patterns.  
*Color even numbers one color and odd numbers another color.

All children stand.  Go around the room and have each child say a number.  When they get to a set of ten they must say “buzz.”  If they don’t say “buzz” they are out of the game and must sit down.  The game continues until there is one person left or you reach 100.

100 Bottles 
Have each child take an empty plastic water bottle and fill it with 100 items.

100 Art 
Cut a “1” and two “0’s” out of construction paper.  Children glue them on a sheet of paper to create a “critter.”  They can decorate it with crayons, markers, or paint.

100 Exercise 
Do ten sets of the following exercises:  toe touches, jumping jacks, arm circles, hops (on one foot), waist twists, squats, scissor jumps, hops (on the other foot), jog (in place), windmills.

100 Snack 
Children count out ten each of each snack food (such as Cheerios, pretzels, Gold Fish, raisins, m&m’s, miniature marshmallows, cheese crackers, wheat squares, Rice Chex, peanuts, etc.) and put them in a zip bag.  Shake and eat.  
*Adapt to the dietary needs of your class.

Math Challenge
How many ways can you think of to make 100?  Children could do this independently or with a partner.

Self Portraits at 100 - Have children draw pictures of what they think they will look like when they are 100. 

*One teacher even had them use the brown paper towels from the restroom.  They wadded them and wrinkled them before drawing on them.  Too funny!