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Saturday, January 18, 2020


Last week I was lucky to be invited to Carlisle School in Axton, VA. It’s sits on top of a mountain and is “just a little piece of heaven.” The children were ADORABLE and the teachers were OUTSTANDING! 

You know I’m always looking for new ideas, and I loved this idea called “SCOOTS” from Jessica Quisenberry. This game can be adapted for all content areas and age levels and it beats a worksheet or computer game any day!

Write math facts, sight words, pictures, etc. on index cards. Write a letter or number in the corner of each card. Tape the cards around the room.

Prepare an answer grid similar to the one shown. Children “scoot” or walk around the room until they find a card. They can then put their answer on the grid.

Hint! Cardboard clipboards work great for this activity.

*Adapt the number of sections to the age and ability of your students.

Example: math facts (write the answer)

Phonics (picture for children to identify the beginning sound, blend, vowel, etc.)

Parts of speech (word and they write if it is a noun or verb)

This is another game from Jessica Quisenberry that’s perfect for subitizing. Use white paper plates and put a number of dots on each plate. Scatter the plates on the floor and play like “musical plates.” Children walk around the room and when the music stops they find a plate and a partner. Each child identifies the number on their partner’s plate.
Note! Who has more? Who has less?

*With older children ask them to add or subtract the dots on their plate.