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Friday, January 31, 2020


Those of you who follow my blog and know me still believe in childhood and PLAY like I do! How long have I been preaching that THESE ARE JUST LITTLE CHILDREN! They will have a lifetime to tap and swipe on a device, but they'll never be able to go back and capture the JOY of childhood.  I think there is finally some momentum growing to integrate play in early childhood.  I'll never give up preaching about the WHOLE child and how children learn through PLAY.  I MAY BE OLD, BUT I AM NOT GOING AWAY!!!!  You've got a friend in me!!!

They’ve Taken Away Our Song

By Jean Feldman

We used to sing and play outside.

We’d hold hands and we’d dance.

Now we do worksheets and take tests.

They’ve taken away our song.

We used to build with blocks.

We’d finger paint and play circle games.

Now we sit and look at a "smart" board.

They’ve taken away our song.

We used to dig in the sandbox,

Play in housekeeping and pretend.

Now we tap and swipe on our devices.

They’ve taken away our song.

Teachers used to have time to talk to us,

Sing us rhymes, tell us stories.

Now they have to collect data.

They’ve taken away our song.

But you and I have the privilege

And responsibility, too,

Of embracing children, telling them stories,

And singing them a song or two.

Give children back their song,

Laugh, and love, and play,

So when they’ve all grown up

They’ll remember their childhood in a special way.