Sunday, January 12, 2020


Here’s an inexpensive tool that can be used for counting as well as other math activities. These cups are not only quiet to play with, but they develop small motor skills and eye-hand coordination. 

Materials:  bathroom cups, permanent markers, Pringle's can

Directions:  Turn the cups upside down and write numerals 1-20 on the tops (actually bottoms of the cups) and sides of the cups. 


Mix up the cups. Ask the children to put the cups in order.

Trace around the bottom of one cup 20 times on a file folder as shown. Write the numerals in sequential order from top to bottom and left to right in the circles. Children take the cups and match them up to the appropriate circle on the file folder. Next, sweep the cups off and try to stack them up vertically from 1-20.


Math Facts
Write addition and subtraction facts on the sides of the cups. Write the answer inside on a dot sticker. Children can solve the problem and then check by looking inside the cup. 

*Let them use the cup to build a pyramid if they answer correctly.