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Monday, January 13, 2020


Kids always want to do what they see adults doing.  And what do they see adults doing these days?  YES!  Messing with their phones.  That's why these cell phones will capture children's interest and can be used as a springboard for a variety of skills.

Giant Cell Phone
Materials:  shower curtain liner, permanent marker, and fly swatter

Directions:  Cut the shower curtain in half and draw a cell phone similar to the one shown with a permanent marker.

Number Recognition
Children can use the fly swatter to identify numbers. They can also practice typing their phone numbers, zip code, etc.

*Let children throw a bean bag on a number and then do that many jumping jacks, toe touches, or other exercises.

Math Facts
Write math facts on 5”x8” index cards. Let children use the fly swatter to type out numbers and the answers.

*Children can throw two beanbags on the phone and add, subtract, etc.

Sight Words 

Use the fly swatter to spell words. Can they add up how much a word is worth?


Personal Cell Phones 
Let children make individual cell phones to use for numeral recognition, adding, subtracting, spelling words, and so forth.


*Download the pattern and then ask children to design their own covers. Punch a hole for a view finder so you can "take pictures."