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Friday, January 17, 2020


OWNERSHIP of materials is important to elementary children, and this math office is the perfect tool to give them their own space. Tape two file folders together for each child. Glue copies of math concepts you are working on to the folders. For example, a hundreds chart, days of the week, months of the year, shapes, and so forth. Use a pipe cleaner and pony beads to make an abacus you can attach at the top.


Children can set these up on their table or desk when it's time for math to help them focus.

Math Box

Create a special math box for each child that they can use if they finish their work early. Encourage them to make up their own games as they explore with the materials.

*Thanks to Sue Dier for sharing this idea with me.


Each child will need their own container (pencil box, bag, diaper wipe box, etc.) to make their math box.

Put math manipulatives similar to the ones below in the boxes:

Math cards (1-10 or 10-20)
Math fans (
Deck of cards
Inexpensive calculators
Counting items with a small cup
Set of tangrams
Dot cards
Small Calendars
Number Path (Use an index card and cut a strip out so the kids can just see one number at a time. What’s one more, one less, etc.?)

Hint! Some of these materials can be download free off the internet. The parents will need to send in other items. Most can be found at a dollar store.