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Tuesday, January 28, 2020


As excitement for the Super Bowl builds, it is the perfect time to brainstorm what players have to do to get ready for the game. Emphasize the importance of good nutrition, exercise, and studying the playbook. These are all things that are important to good students as well!!!

Circuit Training

Here’s a super way to get some exercise when the weather is bad. Write exercises similar to the ones below on construction paper and tape them around the room. Divide children into groups of 2 or 3 and have them start at a station. Put on some music with a good beat. Time the children for one minute at each station and then say, “Switch!” Groups rotate in a circle around the room until they have completed each station.

*tire run (feet apart and arms out as you run in place)

*throw and catch (pretend to throw overhead and then catch a football)

*scissor jump (jump crossing legs right and then left)

*balance (stand on one leg)

*passing run (run in place as fast as you can)

*jump and catch (jump up in the air as you pretend to catch the ball)

*toe touch (touch toes and then hands in the air)

*squats (arms out front as you bend legs up and down)

*jumping jacks (jump out with arms up and then jump in with arms down)

*jump rope (pretend to jump rope in place)

*silent cheer leaders (jump and cheer without making any noise)

Fitness Learning Trail
Reinforce skills as children use their bodies and brains!  This could be done outside when the weather is nice or inside when it's cold or rainy.

For example:

*Count to 100 by 10's as you do jumping jacks

*Patty cake some nursery rhymes with a friend

*Count backwards from 20 as you march in place

*Do squats as you name as many insects as you can

*Balance on one foot as you name your city, state, and country

*Balance on the other foot as you say your address and phone number

*Touch toes and then stand up and read a word in the room 

*Sing the ABC’s forwards and then backwards as you stand on tip toes

*Run in place as you name different shapes that you see