Thursday, July 12, 2012


Glue a small mirror to the inside of a box.  Explain to your class that something amazing and incredible is in the box.  It’s so unique and special there’s only one like it in the whole world!  Pass the box around and look at their expressions when they see their reflection in the mirror.

 Super Star Chant
(Insert the name of your school to this cadence.  Children repeat each line.)

(School), (School) is the best!           (Slap thighs or clap hands to the beat.)
(School)  is better than all the rest!
We can read and we can write
And our letters are out of sight.
We can count and we can add
And that makes our teacher glad!
We make new friends and follow rules.
Getting along is really cool.
We can learn and we can play
And we prove it everyday!
(School), (School) is the best!
(School)  is better than all the rest!
We are super, yes we are.
Look out world, here comes a star.

We Can’t All Be Stars, But We Can All Twinkle!  Make a bulletin board with that saying.  Ask children what it means to them.  What is special about them?  Give each child a star and have them draw their picture (or use a photo) in the center.   On the five points of the star write positive words about them.  Add their stars to the bulletin board.