Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Here is a fun way to view nursery rhymes in your classroom using Nursery Rhyme Juke Box!

Nursery rhymes are a powerful way to develop many skills including: fluency and oral language,  phonological awareness, comprehension, speaking and listening, and keys ideas and details.

These nursery rhyme CDs can be used during transition times to entertain children as
they clean up or wash their hands. They can also be used to focus children’s attention
for a new activity.

Introduce the rhymes one at a time and place them in the box. When the children know
several rhymes then you can pretend to give a child a quarter. Tell them to, “Put it in
the juke box and pull out a rhyme.” Repeat the nursery rhyme that the child selects
together. Continue saying letting children choose rhymes.

 Here is a colorful, fun, and ready to use printable...