Wednesday, August 1, 2012


What’s in Your Backpack?

Share this poem at an orientation meeting or send it home in a paper bag backpack the beginning of the school year to remind parents of all the ways children are developing and learning as they play at school.

What’s in your backpack?                   Out on the playground
It’s empty today.                               I ran like the wind.
Where’s your work?                           I learned to take turns
Did you just play?                              And helped a hurt friend.

When I built with blocks                   Story time is what
I learned about shapes.                     I always like best.
I balanced and shared –                     I can use my imagination
Our skyscraper was great.                And give my body a rest.

I played in the windy house               I sang and danced -
And talked with my friends.              Learned a finger play, too.
I rocked a baby                                I answered questions
And played pretend                          and said, “Please” and “Thank you.”

In science I observed,                       There will be time
Guessed, and experimented, too.        for worksheets and tests,
The same things grown up                  But talking and playing
Scientists do.                                    Is how I learn best.

Art was messy.                                  I love to go to school.
I created and explored.                     I’m glad I’m me.
I solved my own problem                    An empty backpack
When I spilled glue on the floor.        Means I’m learning, you see!

My fingers got a work out
With puzzles and clay.
Those same muscles
Will help me write one day.

I counted and sorted and
And measured, too.
I used my brain
Like a math whiz would do!