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Sunday, August 12, 2012


RL.K.7.  With prompting and support, describe the relationship between illustrations and the story in which they appear (e.g. what moment in a story an illustration depicts).

Hocus Pocus – Before reading a book pretend to get out a magic wand and wave it as you say, “Hocus pocus!  Everybody focus!  Boys and girls put on your focus goggles.  (Demonstrate by making circles with your fingers and thumbs and placing them around your eyes.)  Take a look at the cover of this book.  What do you think it might be about?”  Explain that when something occurs in the book that they predicted would happen they can wink their eye or smile.

Cool Bear Hunt Story Map – Sing “Going on a Bear Hunt.”  Next, give children a sheet of paper and ask them to draw the sequence of the song.  Where did we go first?  Next?  Then?  Last?  Give them a Teddy Graham so they can retell the story on their story map.
Listen, Predict, Draw – Fold a sheet of paper into fourths to make a book for each child and ask them to number each page.  Begin reading a book.  Stop after several pages and ask children to draw what they think will happen next.  Continue reading.  Stop after a few more pages and have children draw what they think will happen next.  Do this two more times.
What’s My Rhyme? – Download images of 5-10 familiar nursery rhymes from the internet.  Spread these out and say a rhyme.  Can children select the appropriate illustration?   How did they know?

Katalina Matalina – Sing the song below several times.  Have children close their eyes and create a picture of Katalina in their brains.  Next, ask them to draw their interpretation of her.  Sing the song again and encourage them to check to make sure their picture matches the words of the song.  Use their pictures to make a bulletin board or class book.
                        Katalina Matalina (Tune:  “Shortnin’ Bread”)
                        Her head was shaped like a baseball bat.   (Point to head.)
                        And right on top was a funny, old hat.  (Chorus)
                        She had two hairs in her head.  (Point to hair.)
                        One was alive and the other was dead.  (Chorus)
                        She had two eyes in her head.  (Point to eyes.)
                        One was purple and the other was red.  (Chorus)
                        She had two teeth in her mouth.  (Point to mouth.)
                        One pointed north and the other pointed south.  (Chorus)
                        Her neck was as long as a ten foot pole.  (Point to neck.)
                        And right in the middle was a big, black bow.  (Chorus)
                        Her hips were like two ships in port.  (Wiggle hips.)
                        One headed south and the other headed north.  (Chorus)
                        Her feet were as flat as a bathroom mat.  (Point to feet.)
                        How did they ever get like that?  (Chorus)
                        But she had a heart, so I’m told.  (Put hands over heart.)
                        That was made of purest gold.  (Chorus)

Talking Pictures – Collect and laminate interesting magazine pictures, photos from calendars, brochures, and so forth.  Keep these in a basket.  Children choose a picture and then talk about it or write about it.  “What do you think this picture is about?”  “What just happened?”  “What will happen next?”