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Saturday, August 25, 2012


c.  Blend and segment onsets and rimes of single-syllable spoken words.

“Onset” refers to the initial letter or blend.  “Rime” is the vowel and letters following it.

Word Family Song - Sing this song to the tune of “BINGO.” 
            There is word family you should know
            And at is it’s name-o.
            M-a-t, mat
            H-a-t, hat
            C-a-t, cat
            They end in at you know.
*Write the words on a chart and point to them as you sing.
Addams Family  - Sing word families to the tune from “The Addams Family.”
            There’s cat and there’s hat. 
            There’s mat and there’s rat.
            There’s fat and there’s bat. 
            The ‘at’ family!”

Block Rimes - Cut paper the size of square and rectangular unit blocks.
Write onsets on the squares and rimes on the rectangles.  Children put blocks together and read words.
Rime Eggs -   Using plastic eggs, write onsets with a permanent marker on one half of the egg.  Write a rime on the other.  Children twist the egg and read the words.  
Rime Books – Make popsicle stick books by folding two sheets of paper into fourths.  Punch two holes on the folded side and insert a rubber band.  Loop ends of the rubber band around a popsicle stick as shown.  Cut half way through.  Write onsets on the left and rimes on the right.           
*You can also make a rime book with a spiral index card notebook.
Note!  It’s important to do real words as well as nonsense words. 
Flower Rimes - Cut 4” circles out of construction paper.  Cut paper petals similar to the ones shown.  Children write the “rime” on the circle and then write words on the petals.