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Monday, August 27, 2012


e.  Add or substitute individual sounds in simple, one syllable words to make new words.

Tooty Ta – Substitute the initial consonant sound in the “Tooty Ta” song below:
            Tooty ta, tooty ta, tooty ta ta.   (Children repeat.)
            Tooty ta, tooty ta, tooty ta ta.
            Thumbs up.
            Tooty ta….
            Thumbs up…Elbows back.
            Tooty ta…
            Thumbs up…Elbows back…feet apart.
            Song continues as you add knees together, eyes shut, tongue out, turn             around.
If you substituted /b/ for /t/ it would be “Booty ba, booty ba, booty ba ba…”

Letter Vests – Pass out letter vests for children to wear.  Call out three sounds, such as /c/ /a/ /n/.  Children with those sounds come to the front of the room and make the word “can.”  Tell /c/ to go away.  What does it say now?  “an”  Tell /t/ to come to the front of the room and stand in front of “an.”  What does it say now?  Continue replacing letters and blending sounds to read new words.

Phonics Fingers - You will need 3 pairs of white cloth garden gloves for this
project.  Cut the fingers off the gloves.  Write a letter on each finger with
markers.  (Write consonants in blue and vowels in red.)  Children insert glove
fingers on their own fingers to make CVC words.  Have them substitute
letters to make new words.
Donut Words – Cut donut shapes out of construction paper.  Write consonants
on either side of the donut as shown.  Write vowels on small circles.  Children
place the donut “holes” between the consonants and blend the sounds.