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Thursday, August 16, 2012


RL.K.10  Actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding.

Morning Message – Write a message to the children about special activities each morning before they arrive at school. 
Hint!  Children will get a kick out of this message if it is written by a class mascot (aka stuffed animal or puppet).
                        Good morning, friends!
                        Today is Tuesday, September 15.
                        It’s going to be a terrific day!
                        We have P.E. with Ms. Coleman
                        and it’s Joshua’s birthday.
                        I’m so glad you’re here.
                                                Love, Ted E. Bear

Mirror Mini Message – Write a short message each day on a classroom mirror with a dry erase marker.  It might be a “teaser” to interest children in a book you are going to read, it might praise a child for a special accomplishment, or it might be a reminder to whisper in the hall. 

Pocket Chart – Use a pocket chart to list songs, nursery rhymes, or cheers children select each day.

Poems and Songs – Write words to poems, songs, and finger plays on posters and follow along as you sing and chant.

Big Books – Rereads of big books will develop children’s confidence and interest in reading.

PowerPoints – If you have an interactive white board you’ll find some great activities at:

Voice Box – Make copies of fluency cards (free on and place them in a small box.  Let children choose a card and then reread books or poems using that “voice.”