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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Super Star Chant
(Insert the name of your school in this cadence.  Children repeat each line.)

(School), (School) is the best!     (Slap thighs or clap hands to the beat.)
(School)  is better than all the rest!
We can read and we can write
And our letters are out of sight.
We can count and we can add
And that makes our teacher glad!
We make new friends and follow rules.
Getting along is really cool.
We can learn and we can play
And we prove it everyday!
(School), (School) is the best!
(School)  is better than all the rest!
We are super, yes we are.
Look out world, here comes a star.

*Let children make up their own verses about their grade level.  For example, “First grade, first grade is so neat.  We all have the learning beat.”

School Cheer
(This is an adaptation of “Father Abraham.”)

(Name of school) School has many friends.        
There are many friends at (name of school).
I am one of them,              (Point to self.)
And so are you.                  (Point to a friend.)
So let’s all give a cheer.
Right arm.                         (Begin moving right arm up and down.)

Continue adding left arm…right foot…left foot…nod your head.
End by singing, “Turn around and sit down.”

*Both of these songs are on the “Happy Everything” CD.  The books can be downloaded from my August, 2007, website.