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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This idea has got to be on your “must do” list for the upcoming school year.  There is absolutely no sugar involved, but it will be a “sweet” memory just the same for your students. First, let the birthday child choose “candles” (friends who stand around them with their arms above their head like a candle flame).  The rest of the class holds hands and stands in a circle around them to represent the “birthday cake.”  Recite the poem below and then sing the traditional birthday song as you walk around the birthday child.  After singing, the birthday child blows out the candles one at a time and the
candles “melt” to the ground.

Today is (child’s name) birthday
Let’s bake him/her a cake!         (Make arms in a circle.)
Stir and mix and mix and stir           (Pretend to mix.)
Then into the oven to bake!         (Throw in oven.)

Here’s our cake so nice and round.  (Arms in a circle.)
Let’s frost it (child’s favorite color) and white.  (Frost.)
We’ll put (age of child) candles on it,  (Hold up fingers.)
To make (child’s name)’s birthday bright!

*Give the birthday child a special wish.  They can choose a song, a book, a game, or they can sit by their best friend all day.

*Make a birthday book.  Each child gets a sheet of white paper and is encouraged to draw a “gift” for their friend.  Meanwhile, the birthday child gets a large sheet of paper to decorate with stickers and markers.  Classmates “present” their pictures to the birthday child.  Staple their pictures in the construction paper to make a book of birthday wishes!

Note!  Here's a YouTube video where I demonstrate this idea.
P.S.  I got the hat at Oriental Trading.