Monday, July 23, 2012


Teachers often ask me if I enjoy traveling.  NO!  Flying, waiting in airports (aka Airport Appreciation Time), noisy hotel rooms, security lines…NO FUN!  However, when I get to share with a group of teachers it is pure JOY!  It makes my heart sing when you smile and get excited about a new idea!  Thank you for making this 65 year old woman feel like she still has something to offer teachers and children!  Besides, YOU always energize me with some great new ideas!  Look what I brought home with me this week from Mobile, Houston, and Huntsville, AL.

Kisses and Hearts
Pamela Pounds draws kisses on her students’ papers for a job well done.  They get to color in the lips.  She also draws hearts when they “make her heart sing.”

Snaps Jar
Kat Baxter has a jar called the “Snaps” jar.  When the kids do something that they are proud of they write it on a strip of paper and place it in the jar.  The teacher pulls their names from the jar and the class gives them “snaps” to celebrate.

Top Priority
When introducing something important to your class put a sign on the door that says “Top Priority.”  (I can think of other situations when you might want that sign on your door!)

New Claps
Teach children the “hotdog” clap by extending your arms wide horizontally and clapping.  For a “hamburger” clap extend your hands vertically.

File Folder Website
Check out for FREE file folder games.