Sunday, July 22, 2012


Here’s something fun to make for your door to welcome the students.  Lay on a large sheet of butcher paper and ask a friend to trace around your body.  (You’ve probably done this to your children before.)  Color yourself and cut yourself out.  (Go ahead and take off a few inches.  You can body sculpt all you want!)  Tape this on the door and then make the following labels and attach them to the different body parts. 
“A head full of great ideas.” 
“A mouth to sing you songs and read you stories.” 
“Arms for hugging.” 
“Hands to help you learn new things.” 
“Pockets to hold surprises.” 
“Tennis shoes for outdoor fun.”  
“A heart full of love for you!” 

Special Notes and Pictures
You know all of those drawings and love notes you receive every year.  Here's a way to save them and show the children that you value what they give you.  All you have to do is get an old three ring notebook and make a cover with your picture and the year.  When  a child gives you something you can date it, hole punch it, and put it in the notebook.  Keep it in your classroom library so children can revisit it.  
*One teacher saves these through the years because the children enjoy looking at what other classes have done.