Friday, July 20, 2012


Probably the last thing you want to think about this summer is ASSESSMENT.  However, here are a few ideas that might make your job easier this coming year.   (Drawings, work samples, observations, checklists, rubrics, journals can all be used for evaluation.)

Portfolio – Individualize children’s growth by collecting samples of their work each month and saving the work samples in a portfolio.  You can use grocery sacks or clasp envelopes and date each month.  Collect a writing sample, self-portrait, small motor activity, math page, etc.  You could bind these together and present them to parents at your end of year conference.
Notebook – Put a divider with each child’s name in a three-ring notebook.  Place a copy of the skills checklist for each child behind their divider.  Also, put a clear sheet protector for storing samples of their work and anecdotal notes.  Simplify record keeping by having this handy when you work with individual students or small groups.
Four Square Assessment – At the beginning of each month, have children fold a piece of paper into fourths.  Ask them to write/draw the same thing in each square every month.  You might have them draw a picture of themselves, write their name, write letters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, write a story, etc.  Adapt to your age level and standards.  Date and save for a “reliable” picture of the child’s progress throughout the year.
Interest Inventory -  In addition to saving writing samples and self
portraits in a “portfolio” each month, have children complete an
“interest inventory”  by filling in sentences similar to the ones below:
         I am good at______.
            I like to _____.
I want to work on _____.
           My favorite book is _____.
                 I wish _____.
Hint!  Younger children could just dictate their responses to an adult.