Thursday, July 26, 2012


Name Puzzle – Write the child’s name on a 10” sentence strip with a marker.  Cut between the letters in the name and put them in an envelope.  Write the child’s name on the front of the envelope.  Children take the individual letters from inside the envelope and put them together like a puzzle to spell the name.
Name Bottle – Place letter beads that spell the child’s first name in an empty plastic water bottle.   Challenge children to find the letters in the bottle and spell the name.
*Hint!  Add water and glitter to the bottle if you desire.
Unifix Cubes – Use sticker dots to write children’s names on Unifix cubes.  Make the first letter a different color.  Place these in a center with a list of friends’ names so they can take them apart and put them back together.

P.S.  I saw BRAVE and loved it!  I think Merida is my new favorite name.