Thursday, July 19, 2012


Cut 3” circles (cookies) out of poster board.  Write each child’s name on the “cookie.”  Place the cookies in an empty cookie box or bag.  Chose one name at a time and use it in the chant below:
Who ate the cookie in the cookie jar?                          
Child’s name ate the cookie in the cookie jar.        
Who me?         (First child responds.)                                   
Yes you.           (Class chants.)                                            
Couldn’t be?     (First child.)                                   
Then who?       (Class chants.)                                   
Second child’s name ate the cookie         
         (Choose a second child’s name) in the cookie jar.

Cookie Game
Glue each child's picture to the back of the cookie.  Place on the floor and give children a spatula.  They can take turns reading names and flipping the cookies over.
Class Book
Give each child a cookie to eat for snack.  Take a picture of them eating their cookie, and then make a book with their pictures.  Write, "Who ate the cookie from the cookie jar?" at the top of the page.  Write "(Child's name) ate the cookie from the cookie jar.
Let one child take the book home each evening to share with their families.