Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Here’s a take off of “Going on a Bear Hunt.”  Adapt it to items your students suggest you take on the picnic.

Going On a Picnic
(Children repeat each line.)

We’re going on a picnic.         (Slap hands on thighs to the beat.)
We’re going to pack a big one.  (Arms out wide.)
With sandwiches, fruit, and lemonade, too.  
                                          (Pretend to pack in your basket.)
Look over there.                 (Hand over eyes.)
It’s some tall grass.
Can’t go over it.                   (Hands up in the air.)
Can’t go under it.                 (Hands down low.)
Can’t go around it.                (Circle hands around in front of body.)
I guess we’ll go through it.   (Shrug shoulders.)
Swish, swish, swish, swish!    (Brush palms against each other.)

Look over there.                  (Hands over eyes.)
It’s a lake…
I guess we’ll row across it.
Row, row, row your boat.       (Pretend to row a boat.)

Look over there.                  (Hands over eyes.)
It’s a swamp…
Ooeey, gooey, ooey, gooey.   (Pretend to tiptoe through mud.)

Look over there.                 (Hands over eyes.)
It’s a park.                         (Pretend to point at different things.)
It’s nice and shady.
It’s got a picnic bench.
We’re all so hungry
Let’s go eat!                        (Pretend to eat.)
Mmmmmmmm!                      (Pat tummy.)

Picnic Basket
Fold a sheet of construction paper in half.  Punch holes in the top and attach pipe cleaner handles.  Let children decorate the outside of their picnic baskets and then fill them with food they would like to take on a picnic.  Children could draw items our cut them out of grocery store advertisements.
*This might be a good time to talk about healthy food choices!
Picnic Play
Put a picnic basket, tablecloth, plastic utensils, etc. in the housekeeping area for dramatic play.