Tuesday, July 24, 2012


School Friends – Let each child fill out a page similar to the one shown with their name, age, favorite color, favorite book, pet, and other personal information.  Add a photo and put their pictures together to make a class book.  (Make sure the teacher adds a page, too!)  Let one child take home the book each day to introduce school friends to their families.

Autograph Book – Make blank books by stapling several sheets of colored paper together.  Let children go around and get their friends autographs.

Graphs – Get to know each other and develop math skills by creating class graphs.  You might make a graph of how children get to school, the number of brothers and sisters they have, pets, favorite pizza topping, and so forth.

Echo Song    Echo Song - The teacher sings the first line and the children answer singing the second line.  “Where Is Thumbkin?” is the tune.
                            Who has two eyes?                  (Teacher asks)
                            I have two eyes.                      (Children respond)
                            Who has one nose?                  (Teacher asks)
                            I have one nose.                      (Children respond)        
                            Who has two ears?                  (Teacher asks.)                 
                            I have two ears.                      (Children respond)
                            Now we know.                          (Clap and sing together)
                            Now we know.

Continue singing other questions about eye color, pets, siblings, likes, hobbies, etc.