Friday, September 14, 2012


This game can be adapted to any school mascot, action hero, or seasonal character.  Since I graduated from the University of Georgia, UGA was my first choice.  This is a quick, simple game that can be played with any age level or any skill that needs to be reinforced.  It’s the perfect game if you’ve got a few minutes before lunch or a few minutes at the end of the day.

WHY?         shapes, colors, letters, words, numerals, math facts, etc.

WHAT?       flash cards, picture of a favorite school mascot

HOW?         Have children sit in a circle and encourage them to identify the  
                   information on the flash cards as you place them on the floor.
Tell the children to turn around and hide their eyes. 
                   Take “UGA” and slip it under one of the flash cards.  The
children turn back around and raise their hand if they think
they know where UGA is hiding.  One at a time, have children call out a word, letter, shape, etc., and then look under that card.  The game continues until a child finds UGA.  That child may then be “it” and hide the mascot.

*Use a pocket chart to play this game.  Arrange the flash cards in the pocket chart and then hide the mascot under one of the cards as the children hide their eyes.