Thursday, September 20, 2012


Color words are some of the first words we introduce to children.  Here’s a new song children can sing as they hold up various crayons from their box.

Color Box
(Tune:  “Happy Birthday”)
Here’s a crayon for you.  (Pretend to hold a present in your hand.)
It’s a blue one for you.    (Hold up a blue crayon.)
B – l – u – e.
Here’s blue for you.

Here’s a crayon for you.
It’s a red one for you...

Continue sing yellow, green, purple, brown, black, white, etc.
P.S.  This song is going to be on my new “Move It!  Learn It!” CD.

*When introducing color words, write the word with the appropriate color.  After they are confident, write all of the words with a black marker. 

*There are tons of free graphics that you can download to make visuals for this song.

Touch Something
Hold up a color word.  Can they touch something in the room that color?

Sign Language
Learn the signs for the various colors. 
(,, or are great sites.)

Crayon Book
Fold two sheets of paper in half and cut.  Fold these in half.  Hole punch 2” from each end.  Insert a rubber band in one hole and slip the end of a crayon through that loop.  Insert the other end of the rubber band through the other hole and slip the other end of the crayon through that loop.  Encourage the children to use a different color on each page.  Can they write labels for each page?