Sunday, September 2, 2012


Several months ago I reported on a book called BRAIN RULES.  John Medina wrote a second book called BRAIN RULES FOR BABIES.  The title is a little misleading because the book is full of words of wisdom for all children.
One chapter that was particularly interesting was on “The Secret of Happiness.”  Research continues to confirm that satisfying relationships with other people is the key to happiness.  These are other behaviors that can contribute to your happiness:

*doing altruistic acts (Teachers do this ALL day long!)
*making lists of things for which you are grateful (You could do this as a writing activity each morning with your class.)
*work on expressing an “attitude of gratitude”
*practice using a “forgiveness reflex” when you are slighted  (Turn the other cheek and don’t hold a grudge.)

I love quotes and this is one of my favorites:
         We can’t adjust the wind, but we can adjust our sails!

I realize that some of you are in challenging schools - some of you have difficult colleagues - some of you have demanding parents - some of you have curriculums that are boring – it’s life!  Don’t let them take away your joy!  Choose to be happier this year and to make it a happier experience for your students!