Friday, September 28, 2012


(Tune:  “Skip to My Lou”)
Children stand up and stretch out their arms like a scarecrow.
They repeat each line as they make the appropriate movements.
Can you turn around?                   I can turn around.
Can you touch the ground?           I can touch the ground.
Can you wiggle your nose?                 
Can you touch your toes?
Can you wave up high?
Can you let your arms fly?
Can you give a clap?
Can you give a snap?
Can you jump, jump, jump?
Can you thump, thump, thump?
Can you wiggle your knees?
Can you sit down, please?              Yes, yes, indeed!  (Children sit down.)
*Note!  You can either sing or say this chant.

Scarecrow Picture Talk- Download a picture of a scarecrow from the internet.  Discuss what a scarecrow does.  How many details can children notice about the scarecrow?  Draw lines to label their descriptions.
Scarecrow Collage – Give children fabric scraps, construction paper, straw, etc. and invite them to create a scarecrow.  What is their scarecrow’s name?

Class Scarecrow – Some old clothes, newspaper, and paper grocery sack will work just fine for a classroom scarecrow.  Stuff newspaper in the sack and gather the bottom with a rubber band to make a head.  Add a face.  Let the children wad up newspaper and stuff the clothes.  Sit it up in a chair and prop up the head with a dowel rod.  Have the children bring in gloves, a hat, boots, etc. from home to complete the scarecrow.  Write stories about the scarecrow.  What would you do if you were a scarecrow?

Scarecrow Sandwich – Cut a circle out of a piece of bread.  Tint cream cheese yellow with food coloring and spread it on the circle.  Grate carrots and use for the hair.  Raisins can be added for eyes and a mouth.  Add a candy corn for a nose and enjoy!