Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I’m busy working on my monthly activities for October, and I couldn’t wait to share this idea.  I know many of you are already on your 20+ day of school, but this little critter is worth backing up and adding to your classroom.  What a visual way to reinforce the standard of “count to 100 by tens and ones.”

Make a caterpillar head and then let one student put up a number each day.  (You’ll have to backtrack here, but it will be a good review.)  Make the 5’s red and the 10’s blue.  How many days have you been in school so far?  You can decide each day if you will count by 1’s, 5’s, or 10’s.  Make a special 100 circle.
*Hint!  This will cover over 2 walls so put it up high in your classroom.
*Let your students name the caterpillar to give it a little more personality.
The Bundle Dance
Many of you add a stick each day and then bundle them on the tenth day.  Here’s a song to sing on the 10th day.  Put your hands over your head and turn in a circle as you chant, “Bundle, bundle, bundle.  Bundle, bundle, bundle.”

Counting with Style
Count each “ten” with a different style.
Quiet 1’s (Whisper)
Terrible Teens (Growl)
Roaring 20’s (Loud)
Twisty 30’s (Do the twist)
Jumpy 40’s (Jump)
Flying 50’s (Spread arms)
Snapping 60’s (Snap fingers)
Spooky 70’s (Ghost voice)
Flipping 80’s (Pretend to flip pancakes)
Laughing 90’s (Hold stomach and laugh)
Jump and Cheer for 100!!!