Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Arrgghh!  Yep!  There’s actually a “Talk Like a Pirate” day and it is officially September 19.  It’s not until next week, but I wanted to share a few ideas with you early so you could include them in your lesson plans.  (You’ll even notice that I integrated some Common Core Standards!)

Pirate Read – Reread poems and big books by talking out of the side of your mouth like a pirate.

Pirate Cheer – Put one hand over your eye to make a patch as you say, “Arrgh!  Way to go, matie!” out of the side of your mouth.

Parrot Cheer – Put your hands in your armpits to make wings and then flap them as you squawk, “You did a good job!  You did a good job!”

Pirate Maps – Cut the bottom off lunch bags and then cut down one side and you’ll have a big rectangle.  Children can draw a treasure map with markers or crayons.  Squash up the paper and roll it around in your hands to give it a vintage look.
*Older children could write stories about their treasure hunt on the back of the map.  Younger children could dictate a story.
Mustache – Cut mustaches out of construction paper and tape them under your nose.   (This would just be optional, but what little kid wouldn’t want a mustache?)

Eye Patch – Cut an oblong shape out of construction paper, fold it in half, and glue it over a 30 piece of string. 
Hunting for Coins – Write letters of the alphabet on poker chips with a permanent marker.  (You can buy poker chips at most dollar stores.)  Hide these on the playground or in the classroom.  When children find the coins they can name the letter or think of a word that starts with that sound.
(You could also write numerals or words on the poker chips.)

Sharing the Booty - Cut pirate chests out of construction paper and write numerals on them.  Let children use the poker chips to make appropriate sets.
Walk the Plank – Children can practice balancing by walking forwards and backwards on the plank.  (To make a plank put a piece of masking tape on the floor or draw a plank outside on the sidewalk with chalk.)

Pirate Snack – How about some fish crackers in an ice cream cone?  After they eat the crackers they can eat the cone.
Do I love my job or what?  Arrgghh, matie!