Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The Apple Tree
Way up high in the tree,  (Point up.)
One red apple smiled down at me,  (Hold up 1 finger and smile.)
So I shook that tree as hard as I could.  (Clasp hands and shake.)
Down came an apple,  (Roll hands around.)
Mmm!  Mmm!  Good!   (Pat tummy.)
Two yellow pears…
Three purple plums…
Four orange peaches…
Five green limes…

*You can say the rhyme or sing it to the tune of “This Old Man.”

*Draw an apple tree on cardstock or heavy paper.  Cut out a small red apple and draw a face on it.  Punch a hole in the apple and tie on a 11” piece of string.  (I put a piece of tape on the knot to make it more secure.)  Punch a hole in the middle of the tree and thread through the other end of the string.  Knot the string in the back several times  and pull on it until the apple is up in the tree.  As you repeat the rhyme, the children can gently pull on the apple and it will fall to the ground.
*Make a tree out of felt.  Cut pieces of fruit out of felt.  Children can make sets to  go with the different verses in the rhyme.

*Make a list of all the different things that grow on trees.