Monday, September 17, 2012


Some of those little hands are just not ready to write, so here are a few tips that might help.

Warm Up – Just like you warm up before you exercise, you can warm up those fingers before writing.  Finger plays and songs with hand movements are perfect. 
*How about individual containers of play dough for each of your students?  Rolling snakes, balls, pancakes, and cutting play dough all strengthen muscles.
*Have children hold up their right hand and push their thumb with the index finger, then the middle finger, then the ring finger, and then pinkie.  Do the same activity with the left hand.  Have children squeeze their fists as tight as they can.  Open, relax, and shake.

Pencil Grip – Give each child a pom pom or cotton ball.  Explain that is the pillow.  Demonstrate how to hold it in your palm and then put pinkie and ring man to sleep on the pillow.  Now, pick up your pencil and you will get the correct grip.
*You can make a writing bracelet that will work in a similar way.  String a bead on a piece of string and tie it so it can loosely slip on and off the wrist.  Children put it on and then hold the bead with their pinkie and ring man when they write.
Silly Band – This is one of my all time favorite ideas a teacher shared for writing.  You’ve got to try it to believe it!  Give children a silly band (or rubber band) to wear on their wrist when they write.  Explain that when you ride in the car you wear a seatbelt.  Well, your pencil needs a seatbelt to help you write.  Hold the pencil and then loop the rubber band around the pencil.  It will give children so much more control over the writing instrument.
Ready To Write  - Sing this song to the tune of “Where Is Thumbkin?”     
Where is Pointer? 
On the top. 
Ready to write. 
Start at the top.
Where is Thumbkin?  
On the side. 
Ready to help
Your pencil glide.
Where is Tallman? 
On the bottom. 
Keeps the letters
Where you want ‘em.

Ready for Writing Rap 
1, 2…sit up, please do.
3, 4…feet flat on the floor.
5, 6…push your chair in quick.
7, 8…lay your paper straight.
9,10…write neatly then.