Thursday, September 13, 2012


Here is an adaptation of the “Cool Bear Hunt” to prepare for “Talk Like a Pirate Day” next week.  Chants like this one are a perfect way to develop oral language, auditory memory, and sequencing skills.

Have the children stand and walk in place and slap their thighs as they repeat each line.

         We’re going on a treasure hunt.  (Children repeat.)
         We’re going to find a big one.  (Open arms wide.)
         With lots of gold   (Make a big arch in the air with your hands.)
         And jewels, too.     (Open up palms.)
         Look over there.     (Put one palm on your forehead and then point.)
         It’s a swamp.
         Can’t go over it.     (Arms up in the air.)
         Can’t go under it.   (Arms scoop down low.)
         Can’t go around it.  (Circle arms.)
         I guess we’ll go through it.  (Open palms and shrug shoulders.)
         Oooey gooey!        (Pretend to step in mud.)
         We’re going on a treasure hunt…
         Look over there.
         It’s a mountain…(Pretend to climb a mountain.)
         Look over there.
         It’s a jungle…(Pretend to go through vines and weeds.)
         Look over there.
         It’s a cave.
         It’s dark in here.
         Get out your flashlight.  (Pretend to click it on and look around.)
         There’s the treasure.
         Oooooooooooo!  (Pretend to open the treasure box.)

Follow up by asking the children where you went first, next, then, last.

Language Experience Chart – Write “What would you do if you found a treasure?” at the top of the chart.  Let each child dictate what they would do with a treasure.

Treasures Boxes – Provide children with art materials to create their own treasure boxes.