Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Last week I showed you how to make book treasure boxes. This is my favorite blank book that children can make and “save” in their boxes. You could probably do this book instead of a worksheet from now until the end of the year. 

Directions: Fold two sheets of paper in half. Make tears (or snips) about a thumbnail apart down the fold. Bend one tab forward, then the next backward, and so on to bind the pages together.

Use for: retelling a story/story elements 

letter book/vowel book
number book/shape book
"The Book”/ “A Book”
coordinate with a unit or theme
environmental print/cut out words they can read
word families, opposites
write the room writing original stories, journals
chit chat books (teacher and child write back & forth)
note taking
vocabulary/spelling words
  Monday – write a word on each page
  Tuesday – write the definition
  Wednesday – illustrate or cut out a picture
  Thursday – write a sentence 

 Hint! Fold paper lengthwise to make a tall book.
 Cut paper in half to make a little book.
 Use a colored sheet of paper on the outside and a white sheet inside.