Monday, April 21, 2014


You might need these finger plays this week after all the chocolate bunnies consumed over the weekend! Both of these end with a silent version which really helps children focus and calm down.

Wiggle Them 

Wiggle them, wiggle them, wiggle them so. (Wiggle fingers.)
Wiggle them high. (Wiggle above your head.)
Wiggle them low. (Wiggle down low.)
Wiggle to the left. (Wiggle to your left.)
Wiggle to the right. (Wiggle to your right.)
Wiggle them, wiggle them, out of sight. (Put your hands behind your back.)

Snap them… (Snap fingers.)
Open and shut them… (Open and shut hands.)
Shake them… (Shake hands.)
Wave them… (Wave hands.)

*Lower your voice as you do the last verse and put your hands behind your back.
*Let children think of other movements they can do with their hands.

The Finger Band
The finger band is     (Start with your hands behind your back
Coming to town,       and wiggle them as you slowly bring
Coming to town,       them in front.)
Coming to town.
The finger band is
Coming to town 

So early in the morning.                       
This is the way (Pretend to play drums.)
They play their drums…
This is the way
They twirl their hats… (Twirl hands around your head.)
This is the way (Pretend to play a horn.)
They play their horns…

(Let children suggest other instruments and motions.)

The finger band         (Slowly wiggle fingers behind you
Is going away,             as you lower your voice to a whisper.)
Going away,
Going away.
The finger band
Is going away
So early in the morning.