Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I truly felt like the grand prize winner when I met all the awesome teachers in Manchester, Knoxville, and Lexington last week!

Grand Prize Winner (Rachel and Wendy from Magic Years Preschool)
Every time you are playing a game use this phrase:
"You are the grand prize winner of ...NOTHING!"
You can say this dramatically whether they are the first one out of the game or the first to win the game. Say it to every child at the end of the game.

Word Work Idea (Lisa Felch)
Use clear gala "gems" or flat rocks for this activity. Children place these over words in books to magnify them.

What Does the Fox Say? (Lisa Weisl)
Use the chant from this popular YouTube video to reinforce sounds. For example, "What does the A say?” /a//a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/

Memory Game for Sight Words
((Karen Garcia)
1. Start with two sight words that the child picks. Take 4 cards and write each word twice. Place them face down on the table.
2. Let the child pick 2 cards at a time and turn them over. They can keep the matches.
3. Keep adding two words at a time to make the game increasingly difficult.
*The repetition in this game will help the children learn them easier.

Cookie Cheer (Faye baker)
Let's make a cookie!
First, the kids draw a circle in the air. Then ask the kids what they want to put on their cookie.
(They'll start shouting out toppings.) Last, grab the cookie (wide air grasp) and gobble it like Cookie Monster .

Purple Pickle (Regina Webster)
(Tune: “Yankee Doodle”)
If I had a purple pickle
Or a purple nickle
I'd go to the purple store
And buy a purple pickle.
Purple pickle, purple peas,
Purple macaroni.
Purple pudding,
Purple pie and purple pepperoni.

Pencil Grip (Melissa Connelly)
Teach children to hold their crayon or pencil correctly with this trick.

Draw a smiley face on their hand as shown. When they use their pincer fingers their hand will always be smiling at them.