Saturday, April 5, 2014


1.  One day a man went walking with his arms behind his back. 

2.  It started to snow.

3.  He got a sled so he could play in the snow.

4.  But after awhile he got cold and decided to build himself a house with two stories. 

5.  He put two windows in the top floor and divided them in half. 

6.  Then he built two chimneys. 

7.  He threw some sticks on the fire. 

8.  And soon he was snug as a bunny.

Here Is a Bunny
Here is a bunny (Hold up fist.)
With ears so funny. (Stick up index and middle fingers like ears.)
And here’s his hole in the ground. (Make a hole with opposite fist.)
At the slightest noise he hears (Wiggle ears.)
He pricks up his ears (Stick up ears.)
The hops to his hole in the ground. (Put ears in hole of opposite fist.)

Where Is My Bunny?
Where is my bunny? (Put hands behind your back.)
No one can see. (Shake head.)
I think that my bunny
Is hiding from me. (Look over shoulder.)
Here is my bunny. (Hold up 1 thumb.)
He’s found a friend. (Hold up other thumb.)
Look at all the others. (Slowly stick up fingers.)
Now there are ten! (Wiggle fingers.)