Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Yeah, I love to celebrate just like most children! There are almost as many holidays as there are stars in the sky, and some of them are so ridiculous you’ll need to “delete”!

Most of you are through with testing and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I thought some of these holidays might add a little fun to your final May days.
*I adapted these from this site:

1 Mother Goose Day (Invite every child to say a rhyme.)

2 Brothers and Sisters Day
(Can they do something nice for their siblings?)

3 Great American Grump Out (Can you go all day without being grumpy?)

4 Bird Day (Sing a song, read a book, and do an art project that relates to birds.)

4 International Star Wars day  (May the fourth be with you!)

5 Cinco de Mayo

6 No Diet Day

7 Astronomy Day (Take a night walk and look at the sky.)

8 No Socks Day

9 Lost Sock Memorial Day (Write a story about where lost socks go.)

10 Clean up Your Room Day (Clean your room for homework.)

11 Eat What You Want Day (I try to do this every day!)

12 Limerick Day (Read limericks to your class.)

13 Frog Jumping Day (Have frog races on the playground.)

14 Dance Like a Chicken Day

15 National Chocolate Chip Day (Eat a chocolate chip cookie.)

16 Love a Tree Day (Hug a tree and draw pictures of a tree.)

17 Pack Rat Day (Clean out desks.)

18 National Bike to Work Day - third Friday of month

19 Armed Forces Day - (Third Saturday of month.)

20 Pick Strawberries Day (Or, eat strawberries.)

21 National Memo Day (Make doodle pads from scrap paper.)

22 Buy a Musical Instrument Day (Or, play a musical instrument day.)

23 Lucky Penny Day (Hide pennies around the room for children to find.)

24 National Escargot Day

25 Tap Dance Day

26 International Jazz Day  (Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.)

27 Sun Screen Day (Always a good reminder!)

28 Memorial Day

29 Learn About Composting Day

30 Water a Flower Day

31. Sing and Do the "Happy Dance" Day (I just made that holiday up!)