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Thursday, May 1, 2014


My sister used to have a sign on her refrigerator that said, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” Well, if you’re not happy as a teacher, you’ll have a difficult time making a classroom of children happy and excited about learning. I’m going to be all over the United States this summer and my primary goal is to give you some great ideas to make you HAPPY when the school year starts.

June 19-20 Common Core and MORE! -Charleston, SC

June 23-24 Summer Camp - 
Tampa, FL

June 25 Reading, Writing, Math & More - 
New Orleans

July 10 ITK - I Teach Kindergarten - 
Las Vegas, NV

July 14-15 Summer Camp - 
St. Louis, MO

July 23 Singing and Dancing with the Common Core Standards
Naperville, IL 

August 6-7 Summer Camp - Dallas, TX

And do you know what today is? It’s May 1st and that means you’ve got one more week to get a 10% discount from SDE on all three of my summer camps. Just type in DrJean14 as the VIP discount code. But hurry, the special ends May 8th.

We’re going to hold hands and sing, dance, learn, and have a GREAT summer!