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Saturday, May 10, 2014


Here are a few new ideas for you from Detroit and Indianapolis. 

Smart Dot (Gina Quinlan)
Get flavored chap stick from the Dollar Store. When the children answer questions correctly, the teacher gives them a “smart dot” on their hand. It smells yummy and the kids love it.

Keyboard Center (Gina Quinlan)
Color code the keyboard (blue for consonants and yellow for vowels) and laminate. Use laminated sheets of word wall words with boxes next to each word. The kids “type” out words and then check it off once they spell it. 

Left and Right (Britt)
Teach left and right by having the kids “swim” a chant:
“Left, right.” (Swimming motion.)
“Left, right.”
Scuba (Scuba motion.)
Whooo! (Jump up and clap.)
*Instead of just waiting in line, play-follow-the leader. But everyone must stay in the line to know what to do.
Check out the storybots videos – one for each letter of the alphabet.
*Check out have fun teaching videos on YouTube. What do the letters say? (Take off on “What Does the Fox Say?”)

Giant Die (Janette Monroe)
You will need a large square box. Tape a sheet protector on all six sides. Insert letters, shapes, or whatever content you’re learning in the sheet protectors. Students roll the die and identify the information on the top before they go to choice time/interest areas.

High Frequency Word Game
Buy 2 colored dry erase giant Styrofoam dice at the Dollar Tree. Cover the dots on each side with high frequency words. Children play with a partner taking turns rolling the die and writing and reading the word in the appropriate square. The first person to reach the top for one word wins.
I don't know if you've been to this website, but they have some fantastic FREE materials including these "Roll and Color" sheets.  Hey, why make it when you can download it??